Cheating to Get a Better Grade

Students on Exam

Every student cheated during a test at least once in their life. Some years ago, young people used to bring notes with them and used these papers as a source of information. In other cases, they could just look at a neighbor’s test. Nowadays, students both at schools and colleges started using smartphones, watches and other devices for cheating at tests. It is true that most of the teachers have strict punishment for the ones who pass a test in an unfair way. So, which reasons urge students to take this risk? Is it really that bad to cheat on the exam? We will answer these questions in the article. Take these points into account, if you want to avoid failures and misunderstandings with professors.

Reasons Why Students Do It

The first question which occurs is why students cheat on exams while being aware that it is a risky thing and may completely screw up their relationship with a professor. However, bad consequences do not stop anyone: the majority finds that it is easier to dodge and hide from the teacher’s view than prepare for exams. Below we compiled the most common reasons why young people cheat at a college or school.

Parents’ Pressure

Student and Parents

It is a well-known fact that parents usually put stress on children because of marks not only at school but at college as well. That issue makes students try to get a good mark in any possible way. That is right: cheating is the easiest one.


This reason is wide-spread as well. Often, students are too lazy to prepare for the exams and tests. However, none of them want to get bad grades, so, the only solution is cheating. Laziness urges young people to use smartphones or look in the neighbor’s paper and, as a result, they do not get any knowledge or skills during education. Sure, it is much better to order a paper on essay writing service than do it on your own. You will get an essay with the best quality and speed.

Unexpected Issues

Sometimes, a student may get an illness and miss several lectures. It leads to failures when he or she tries to learn some necessary material or prepare for an exam. So, one is urged to make some special notes for a test to avoid bad grades and the teacher’s dissatisfaction. In other cases, a student can just misunderstand a subject or have no talents in a certain field. The only way for him to get a good mark is cheating.

Is It Really That Bad?

Student Cheating

The next question is if it really is so unfair to cheat on exams. The majority sees only negative sides of this issue. However, this is a controversial theme, and it is quite hard to indicate it as a good or a bad one. Of course, the greater part of teachers and adults will say that it should be prevented and punished strictly. Nevertheless, for lots of teenagers, it is the only chance to avoid failures in a certain subject.  We will try to compare both points of view and make some conclusions. Let us start with the advantages of cheating during the lessons.

Better Grades

Cheating is the only way to have good marks and make their parents proud of the not very smart or talented students. Some of them may put lots of efforts into learning, but have no good results. Moreover, while preparing cheating notes a young person can memorize some major statements on a certain subject. It is much better than coming to an exam without any preparation.

Economizing Time

It is true that preparation to a test demands many hours and lots of efforts. If you just make some notes to peep in them during a class, it will economize your time greatly. You may spend it on more necessary things: other subjects, relaxation, going out with friends or family. It is especially suitable for classes, which you find useless in everyday life or for a future profession.

No Skills and Knowledge

The main disadvantage of cheating is that it leads to the absence of knowledge and useful life skills. It is especially significant in university as students have to reach a professional level here, and the quality of their studying influences the level of the future job. Specialists who were cheating at college cannot deal with complicated tasks at work.

It Is Unfair

Sure, there is a moral statement which criticizes cheating because it is a dishonest way of getting marks. In this way, one disrespects classmates and teachers. A good grade should be deserved with diligence and efforts. If a student can cheat on an exam without any skills or knowledge, it will nullify the efforts made by a studious one.

To sum up, the consequences of cheating may be different. On one hand, if you are caught by a professor, you will get a bad grade and lose his respect. However, if you do it successfully, you will have an excellent mark without any efforts. The pros and cons of this issue should be estimated by every student with great attention and accuracy. Sometimes, a young person has no other choice except cheating; nevertheless, keep in mind, that using your own mind and knowledge will give lots of benefits and achievements in the future. In our next article, we will tell you how to become better in a subject, which you do not appreciate.

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