Esthere Tolbert Continued

There is plenty of social interaction for those in virtual charter schools. The K12 Curriculum provides for lots of social interaction time both virtually and through interest groups, clubs and gatherings.

With regards to socializing, the difference between a traditional brick-and-morter public school and virtual academies is that we have a direct influence on who is interacting with our kids. We know that if a child surrounds himself with positive, intellectual and like-minded children, it stimulates healthy academic competiveness.

We have also experienced our son, intentionally lower his academic standards in order to fit in with the other kids when he attended a traditional public school. We felt that the teachers were obligated to teach him at the level of the majority of the students and could not accommodate for an advanced student.

It became evident very early on that the virtual approach was the best educational choice we could make for our son. Since his beginning virtual academy, his enthusiasm and sincerity for learning has become almost insatiable. On many occasions he has independently sought out his own learning experiences, often asking us questions about legal issues, world news, history, science, religion and even his own ancestry that is directly attributed to the teaching philosophies of K12 virtual academy.

In fact, his voracious appetite for knowledge reminds us of a historical figure we studied; Ibn Sina, the Persian scholar known for his remarkable intellect and memory skills who later became known as the “The Father of Modern Medicine.”

By the way, our blended family consists of African American and Jewish Heritage and our interracial son. This is very typical of the diversity of the United States. As such, we have developed the motto to whenever possible, “color outside of the lines!” K12 allows us the flexibility to follow our family motto while providing an excellent education for our son that traditional education will not.

To summarize, K12 is an unrestrained, stress free, no worry, non violence, non-bullying, no snow days, transportation free, comfortable, at your own pace, home-made lunches, seize every moment educational opportunity environment that becomes immeasurable when at the end of the day you know your child has gained confidence and above average intellect which is the foundation for his success in the future.

– Esthere Tolbert