How to Combine Part-Time Jobs and Studying?

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It is not a secret that many college students have a part-time job and earn their own money for living. Today it is a common thing, and young people may even get a bigger salary than their parents. However, often when a person starts working, his or her grades become worse and worse. It may even lead to dropping out of college. So, is it truly worth to get some money for yourself while sacrificing your education? Or maybe things are not that bad? We will try to answer these questions in our article. Be attentive and take these tips into account, as it can save you from many failures in the future.

Pros and Cons of Having a Part-Time Job

This is a highly discussed topic among both students and their parents. Some adults praise kids who start working at an early age; others try to prevent this in all possible ways. There is no single opinion on this issue. It is true that having a part-time job has both pluses and minuses. However, people usually take into account only their opinion and cannot perceive the opposed point of view. Below we compiled some positive and negative points about working and studying, consider them while making a decision.


This is the main reason why many people start working while being teenagers. They want to be free from parents’ care and financial support. It is well-known that the ones, who have a job at an early age, are more independent and responsible than their fellow students who ask relatives for a pocket money. Sure, the payment for students may be low but anyway, they can feel the adult life in a fuller way.

Better Life Quality

A young person gets an opportunity to live a fuller life in case he or she earns their own money. A chance for travelling and entertaining themselves in different ways may appear. Moreover, a student can have better housing, buy trendy clothes and better quality products. Anyway, such a young one may decide on which things to spend money and so not ask parents for additional finances, if some unexpected charges occur.

Worse Studying

On the other hand, having a part-time job usually leads to worse studying. A student may miss lectures, ignore homework and, as a result, fail exams. In some cases, it causes dropping out of college. Moreover, after the graduation, you will not have the necessary knowledge and skills to get a well-paid job.

Constant Tiredness

Another bad result of working and studying at the same time is being exhausted at the end of a day. If a student tries to keep the good marks, he will definitely have no time for a break. His mental health will become worse as stressful situations and busyness have a bad impact on them. Relationships with relatives and friends can suffer as well.

How to Combine These Things?

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Sure, for many students having a part-time job is a necessity for living as their parents do not support them with money.  So, the only solution is combining work and education. Unfortunately, most of the young people do not know how to do it successfully. That is why we presented some tips for choosing the right workplace and preventing bad marks at college.


Keep in mind, that the main point in choosing a job should be a flexible schedule. It is great if you can regulate it by yourself and adapt to your college lectures. There should not be situations when you are urged to miss classes because of your job. This is a first step to dropping out of college. Explain this issue to an employer and find the most suitable shift timetable.

Set Priorities

The most important thing when you already have a workplace is setting correct priorities. What is more vital for you: the job or the education? Make your decision, consult with parents and then act relating to the chosen strategy. Do not forget that you entered a college for studying but not for working as a waiter, so it is silly to sacrifice classes to get some perks or developments at work.

Manage Your Time

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Create a daily schedule if you do not want to be late or miss some important events at a college or the workplace. This helps organize the day and not be in a hurry every time. You can put some notes on your phone as well. It may sound too simple, but this is a useful method, which was tested by many students.

Hire a Tutor

Even if you miss some classes and do not understand the material, you can hire a tutor, who will explain everything to you. Sure, it demands some money; however, it is better to have some additional lessons than drop out. For example, you can ask an essay writer for help, if there is a need to write some papers for college.

All in all, it is a hard task to combine work and education. Nevertheless, many students meet with this issue every day. We created this article to help them and be successful in both spheres. Our next post will be about the issue of cheating: if it is really so bad as the teachers used to tell us.

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